Tannins, yeast drift


Œnochêne offers a range of tannins to meet every need:

  • Easy Fruity
  • Easy Aging

Oenological oak tannins, also known as oak tannins, are compounds extracted from oak wood and used in oenology to influence the organoleptic characteristics of wine.

Oak tannins consist mainly of phenolic compounds such as ellagitannins and flavonoids.

These compounds are released into the wine when it comes into contact with the oak wood, contributing to its sensory profile.

They can also help soften wine tannins, making them more supple and less astringent.

The yeast derivatives used in the 2 products in the Œnochêne range enhance the volume and sweetness of wines.
The combination of oenological tannins and yeast derivatives is a real asset for reinforcing fruitiness and volume. Easy Fruityand have complex breeding, woody notes better integrated with Easy Aging (barrel stirring effect)