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Our Staves for the maturation of your wine

The Staves for the wine of Oenochêne


Also called staves, the staves are made from staves, pieces of oak wood with a longitudinal format, originally manufactured to be assembled side by side and form the walls of wine-making barrels. 

The staves are used for a qualitative maturation of wines at a reasonable cost. In fact, as a complement or replacement of barrel aging, the stave allows to refine the wines, without bringing woody aroma, to make them go up in range.

Format (L x W x Thickness): staves available from 7 to 12mm in bags of 25 or 50 staves

Contact surface: 4 to 6 months of contact

Our staves are available for the following heaters: 

For an optimal breeding, we recommend a dosage between 1 and 5 staves / hectoliter.

Our different formats of oak staves

Available heaters - Length / Width in mm - Thickness in mm - Contact surface (m2/Stave) - Average weight (g/stave)

Staves 7mm Staves 12mm Staves Q1 27mm
Delicacy, Sweety, Harmony, Complexity Delicacy, Sweety, Harmony, Complexity & Intensity Tradition or Sweetness blend
910 910 950
50 50 50
7 12 27
0,10 0,11 0,15
180 320 790

The size of the staves, what does it change?

Your choice of oak depends on the time you have before marketing your wine, your budget and the quality of the oak you want. The smaller the contact surface, the slower the wood diffuses its compounds to the wine, the more the wood is melted.

Piece of wood - Dose equivalence to obtain the same woody solution - Contact surface - Recommended contact time - Price

Stave 7mm Stave 12mm Stave 27mm
3 Staves/hL 2 Staves/hL 1 Stave/hL
0,30m2 0,22m2 0,15m2
4 months 6 months 8 months
€€ €€€