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BARRIQUE KIT of Mini Staves for Wine Making and Maturing

kit barrique mini stave wood wine making

What is the oak barrel kit?

Known in oenology as "mini staves", the Barrel kit is a string of pieces of quercus oak wood which is slipped into the barrel and hung on the bung. Connected by a stainless steel wire, the 24 mini staves introduced in the barrel do so increase the volume and structure of the wine in the mouth. Efficient alternative for wine making and maturing, they ensure the introduction of an aromatic richness to your blends.

Why use the barrel kit for wine making and maturing?

Whether it is in labor or in the purchase of new barrels, it is true that a wine barrel park can generate a huge financial investment. With the ambition of the same result for a lower cost, Oenochene proposes a Special Kit for Barrique which allows toincrease the number of years of use of your oak barrels.

How do I use the wood kit with my barrel?

It is a insert of small staves hung on each other. It is necessary to slide it into the barrel and hang it through the hole of the bung so that it is easy to remove when needed. The winemaking and maturing process becomes simple yet effective. Your old barrel has found a woodworking power !

What are the advantages of the barrel kit for wine fermentation?

  • The barrel kit allows the reuse of old healthy barrels that have lost their woody power,
  • The barrel kit is composed of an assembly of heaters to get as close as possible to the effect of the barrel,
  • The barrel kit is a cost-effective woodworking solution because it reduces the cost of creating a new cellar or special vintage.

Is the variety of toast possible with the barrel kit?

The kit is composed of a assembly of heatersThis will allow you to obtain a complex product, you have several toasts in the same barrel! The surface of wood corresponds approximately to 30 % of new barrel. You will get a very promising end product. 

Be careful, however, when using a Barrel kit you use pieces of wood. Wooden pieces are authorized in all AOC, except for appellation decrees to the contrary. Therefore, before installing a barrel kit, it is recommended to consult the ODG of your appellation to know the evolution of the appellation decrees regarding their use.

Other information about the barrel kits

Our oak barrel kits are sold individually. Our recommendations for use in the barrels are :

  • Short contact time: 4 months
  • 1 Kit / barrel
kit barrel 24 mini stave wood oak wine making

Our range of toasters available for the barrel kit

Our barrel kit have benefited from a roasting process that allows to reveal the sweetness of the wines, or to emphasize the volume as well as the length in the mouth. This process also offers the possibility of obtaining an almost infinite range of aromas, from vanilla to chocolate, gingerbread and mocha, depending on the toasting profile. Our wood chips are available in this range of profiles from integral core convection heaters : 

For the fine winesWe offer a wide range of products from our premium Quality One range, a blend chips premium 2 months of contact between 2 and 4 g/L for a traditional or soft blendand thus obtain a surprising complexity in record time.

Need to know more about the quality/price ratio of barrel kits?

Our expert oenologists and wine architects answer your questions.