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Quality One ® For the vinification of your great wines


A range for at wines Premium and Super Premium

« The new ultra-premium Quality One® range is the fruit of our ten years of experience in working with wood for oenology.Jean-Luc Liberto and Jérôme Baudin insist.

The oaks are only from reputable French forests for giving finest woods intended for the ageing of wines.

The Œnochêne® specialists then select the wood according to its grain and tannic quality and leave it to mature in the open air for a long period of time, from one year to two years. minimum of 24 monthswhich allows the woods selected for the Quality One® to express all their organoleptic properties.

Bringing our best wood to the best wines

The advantages of Quality One®

This is the starting point of an oenological approach for Premium and Super Premium wines:

  • a unique product for high-end wines
  • Implementation of oenological options: Micro-oxygenation, working the lees, adding yeast derivatives....
  • Commercial valorisation of the wine => qualitative image of the cuvée

Oenochêne has selected woods from the Centre of France
maturing 24 to 36 months in the park, in the open air.
We carry out an assembly of our heaters
in order to bring you the greatest complexity and aromatic finesse.

The range


Traditional assembly and soft assembly.

A surprising complexity at record contact time.

3 months of contact

2 to 4 g/L


Traditional assembly.

The finesse aromatic revealed.

4 months of contact

3 to 6 g/L


Traditional assembly and soft assembly.

A maturation worthy of the greatest wines.

Complexity and aromatic finesse.

1 to 2 staves / HL

4 to 8 months of contact depending on the wines.


Traditional assembly.

Boost and renovate your used barrels

Contact time 4 months

Dose 1 Kit per 225 Liters